Parentage: 85G 040-080 x Picasso


  • Parentage: 85G 040-080 x Picasso

  • Maturity: First Early

  • Flowers: White

  • Tuber Shape: Round oval

  • Tuber Skin: White

  • Tuber Flesh: Cream



Silver Scurf
Dry Rot (F. sulphureum)
Dry Rot (F. coeruleum)
Skin Spot
Black Dot
Potato Virus Y
Potato Leafroll Virus
PCN (G. Rostoch Ro1)
PCN (G. Pallida Pa 2/3, 1)
Powdery Scab
Common Scab
Tuber Blight
Foliage Blight

Agronomic Features

Casablanca will consistently produce high yields early in the season. A robust first early, with good early ground cover. Casablanca has excellent resistance to both Blackleg and Common scab. Casablanca has been approved by all of the main UK supermarkets, and is widely accepted as a French fry Processing and chip shop variety.

Crop Quality

Casablanca produces a good yield of uniform tubers with 19-21% dry matter early in the season. Fry colours off field are excellent. Good quality skin finish with shallow eyes and excellent taste results with market opportunities in the loose new, pre-pack, bakers and French fry markets.

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